Kanye West fans don’t know who Paul McCartney is

Def Jam Recordings Kanye McCartney

Fans of Kanye West have been coming out in their droves to show that they really are some of the most idiotic people to walk the Earth. With Google just a click away, fans of the American rapper reacted to his new single, a collaboration with probably one of the most famous living musical legends – Paul McCartney – by asking who he was. Taking to Twitter to voice their confusion, and unwittingly providing entertainment for all the family, masses of the brain dead bunch have left us something to laugh at for posterity.

One particular tweeter (@OVOJosh) (who found Rihanna’s recent arrival in St. Barth’s too amazing not to retweet) tweeted:

Even better is the fan who actually considers that Kanye is the genius:

Lastly, we just had to feature this tweet from an overwhelmed fan:


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