Floating Points to launch Melodies, a new Eglo sub-label


Anyone who tuned in to Floating Points and Four Tet on NTS this afternoon will have heard some rather exciting news: in early 2015, Floating Points (aka Sam Shepherd) will be launching a new Eglo sub label called Melodies. According to Shepherd it will “be celebrating anthems from the You’re A Melody night”, his residency at Plastic People, and will no doubt be pushing disco and boogie to the fore.

The news was accompanied by a preview of a forthcoming release, Taxie’s ‘Rock Don’t Stop’. Originally released in 1979 on Archwoods Records, it was recently given a new lease on Kon & Amir’s 2010 compilation for BBE. It’s obviously been going down so well at Plastic People, he feels it deserves another reissue.

We’ll keep you posted when we hear more but, for the time being, enjoy ‘Rock Don’t Stop’ below.

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