Eleventeen Eston – Two Stroke Vertical Climb

When it comes to covering prog and soft rock on we’ll be the first to admit we’re not at the top of the game. When something sets our heads spinning as much as Eleventeen Eston though, we’re willing to put all shortcomings aside and shout all manor of things about it. John William Tanner is the Perth-based creative mind behind EE, responsible for our favourite new album of summer so far. With influences ranging from breezy prog to afro-cosmic groove, the results are warm, sun-soaked, nostalgic and oh so melodic. To quote the imaginative, quite frankly unbeatable, album bio from Britt at Not Not Fun Records, Delta Horizons is an album full of “memory-hijacked Australian vacation rock”, equipped with “pastel piano melodies, funky phasered keyboards, rubber band basslines and coastal Stratocaster hooks”. We’re not old enough to reminisce over prog rock’s second coming in the 70s and 80s, but for ears in the 21st century, Eleventeen Eston’s exercise in retro-futurism has provided us with a much-needed break from the dance music onslaught of festival season. We’re completely hooked!

When Not Not Fun allowed us to stream one track from the album, it was nigh on impossible to pick one. After much deliberation, we went with the one that got us hooked in the first place. It also comes accompanied with some great visuals directed by Benjamin Shearn. Do yourself a favour and buy this album, whether you a prog purist or just looking for something new away from the 4/4. It’ll be your best musical purchase this summer. Delta Horizons is out now on Not Not Fun. You can buy it digitally from Bleep, which also has previews of all tracks, or in cassette straight from Not Not Fun, the LA lo-fi luminaries who are in the enviable position of releasing this fine album.

Eleventeen Eston “Two Stroke Vertical Climb” from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

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