Capital STEEZ – Shooting Stars

It’s been around two years since Brooklyn-based Hip-Hop collective Pro Era‘s founder Capital Steez took his own life. He was just 19 and had a wealth of talent to build upon following his 21-track mixtape Amerikkkan Korruption, not to mention his collaboration with best friend and fellow crew member Joey Bada$$ on the certified mind-blower Survival Tactics. There was actually a lot more to his death than just a depressed teenager with a bad family life, uncovered in detail by a brilliant examination from online music magazine The Fader back in January of this year – we highly recommend reading it.

Anyway, yesterday Pro Era put out an unreleased track following what would’ve been Steez’s 21st birthday last week, in which the late rapper effortlessly cruises over an MF Doom beat alongside Philadelphia rapper and Pro Era affiliate Jakk The Rhymer. It’s just a painful reminder of how talented this guy was and how he would’ve been smashing the Hip-Hop scene today.

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