City Guide: Luv Shack Records presents Vienna

If we were to open today’s City Guide with the news that Simon Lebon was giving a virtual tour round Vienna, it might be met with both excitement and confusion from some of our older readers might. Taking the same name as the Duran Duran lead singer, Simon Lebon is the co-owner and label manager of Luv Shack, the gem of an Austrian label who we’ll be showcasing in their debut UK appearance at the beginning of next month. Although he won’t be joining Lee Stevens and LeSale, we thought he’d be the perfect person to represent the label in a guide of their hometown. Check out his choices below, with a map at the bottom and a mix to accompany it all – the first 100% Luv Shack one ever recorded, which includes some exclusive forthcoming releases.

Stamp The Wax presents The Social Club with Luv Shack Records is on 2nd May in Bristol. Earlybirds are now sold out but 1st releases are still available from RA. For all the Leeds crew, you can catch Lee Stevens and LeSale at Beat Bar the following night with Circum Rhythm and Banoffee Pies.

Download Luv Shack’s City Guide mix

Favourite place to buy records?

Thats definitely DAS MARKET for me, it’s a small fine selected record store run by Fritz Plöckinger who has been selling records for more than 30 years so he knows how it works. Bring enough money if you go there, you wont be disappointed : )

Favourite place to listen to live music?

Stadtsaal has very good live concerts at the moment but there are plenty of clubs & bars with all kinds of live bands, some are really good some are not that good 🙂

Best sound system?

Right now i would say Grelle Forelle has the best club soundsystem in the city.

Favourite outdoor party?

For me its the Popfest at the moment, it happens once a year in summer at a lovely place called Karlsplatz in front of a beautiful church showcasing the most interesting austrian live bands and electronic acts in a beautiful surrounding. Most of the live thing is happening during the day followed by different afterparties in nearby locations during the night.

Favourite place to escape the hub of the city?

Vienna is surrounded by the Vienna Forest so there are lots of nice places nearby to chill out and get a rest from the hectic city. Also there are many great parks, actually about 50% of the whole city is covered by parks or the forest. One of my all-time favourite spots for relaxation is called Türkenschanzpark, its just a few minutes from where I live so its even better 🙂

Best view in Vienna?

My favourite place is called Bellevue Wiese one of the little mountains around the city. The view is amazing and in summer people are just sitting there getting drunk (a bit) and enjoying the view 🙂

Where would you go to see another medium, other than music?

I would go to one of my favourite cinemas, the Gartenbu Kino, to watch a good movie.

Best traditional Viennese restaurant, and what would you order?

For me Plachutta is the best one. It’s not that cheap but the quality there is amazing. Whenever I go there (not that often unfortunately) I order Tafelspitz, a very very austrian dish 🙂

Place to experience something unique to Vienna?

I would suggest the Zentralfriedhof.

Best and worst thing about living in Vienna?

Best: it’s very safe & clean with lots of green space and a very good public transport system.

Worst: the city and its people can get boring sometimes when nothing is happening 🙂

Tell us a little about the mix you made for us. 

Actually i decided to make a Luv Shack only mix as it hasn’t been done before. So I included some older releases, some edits & remixes and some unreleased stuff that will come out soon. I recorded the mix at home in my living room as usual 🙂

And finally, who are some of your favourite up-and-coming producers in Vienna [new in the Luv Shack family and beyond]. 

Good question, you should definitely keep your ears open for Motsa, Curley Sue, Oberst & Buchner, Ha-ze Factory, The New Tower Generation, 7 Citizens, Janefondas, Fabe, Woodcut, Stephan Hoellermann, Salute, Perez, Ken Hayakawa, FSNK, Ogris Debris and the whole Affine Records family plus all the others I forgot  🙂

And of course Space Echo, Burnin Tears, LeSale and Jakobin & Domino!

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