New Artist: Evening Chorus

Label: Bubblewrap
Genre: Acoustic/Folk
Members: Gareth Wardle (acoustic guitar), Eugene Capper (banjo), Callum Duggan (double bass)
Based: Cardiff, Wales
Sounds like: Mumford & Sons, Johnny Flynn, Stokes William
Links:, Facebook

‘Evening Chorus offer no pomp nor ceremony but simply pleasant music for those who care to listen’. So says the bio on their website and with that in mind, we won’t beat around the bus: if you like folk, then take time to listen to this Cardiff three-piece. Their post-Mumford sound naturally has the banjos, strings and harmonising, but it all seems toned down a few notches. Familiar, yet likably different. Acorn is their latest EP, released on 27 January, and contains a nice range of tracks. Our favourite is the banjo-driven opener Blue Stone Heart, but the instrumental Yn Aros and echoing What Is Done Shall Always Be  is also worth a listen. Take a listen to the whole EP below and if you like what you hear, head over to their Bandcamp to grab a copy.

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