Tracks You Might’ve Missed: Stokes, William – Zion (Feat. Marcus Mumford + Ben Lovett)

Label:  Communion
Harmonising Indie/Folk
Members: too many to list (see their band profile)
 All around the UK
Sounds Like:
Mumford & Sons, Johnny Flynn

There are so many people coming and going from Stokes, William it’s better to just call them a Folk collective rather than a band. On their website we counted twenty-one people involved and that’s just the musicians. But fear not, ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ need not apply here. Zion only recently appeared on our radar, courtesy of Bristol Couch, but it appears to have been out for a while. Regular readers will know how much we like the Communion label, and this track was featured on one of their compilations back in 2010. Zion begins modestly enough but quickly comes alive with soaring harmonies, no doubt helped by cameos from a couple of the Mumford & Sons boys. We’re going to see what else we can find from this lot, but in the mean time enjoy this gem that somehow passed us by.

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