New Artist: 2morrows Victory

Label: 2morrows Victory Records
Genre: Electro/Soul-infused Hip-hop
Members: Greg B (MC), Rafael Powell and Alex G
Based: London
Sounds Like: Robert Glasper, SBTRKT, Lupe Fiasco
Links: Facebook

2morrows Victory are a London-based Hip-hop group, united by a love of track cycling, who fuse Soul and Electronic sounds to create some really interesting music. Search their name in Google Images and you’ll find more photos of bikes than them, but aside from the fly mode of transport (who knew Hip-hop and cycling go so effortlessly together?!), they have a lot more going for them. Joined by photographers and artists, their music is backed up with some strong visuals and their approach to music-making is also refreshing. Recorded in a house studio, their set-up seems to encourage the jam sessions that later become proper songs, and allows them to experiment with the Soul and Electro sounds that accompany the lyrics supplied by Chicago-born MC Greg B. There’s a lot to be said for London culture at the moment. Greg B spotted it way over in Chicago and is now making it stronger with 2morrows Victory.

2morrows Victory are playing at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards Warm Up next week in a strong lineup, and watch out for their next EP, Odeón, dropping on Feb 21. In the mean time check out our favourite track, Lift Off.

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