Buggsy – Connect The Spdif Ft. Jehst & Farma G

Label: Riddimholic Ent
Genre: UK Hip-hop/Grime/Reggae
Members: Buggsy
Based: Bristol, UK
Sounds Like: Orifice Vulgatron, Skinnyman, Jamakabi
Links: Soundcloud


This year, Bristolian rapper Buggsy has added a vibrant injection of new talent into the UK Hip-Hop scene, releasing his debut album The Great Escape. His fast flow and highly conscious lyrics incorporate both Reggae and Grime influences, collaborating with fellow Bristol producers Gemmy and Joker, as well as Cambridgeshire-born UK-Hip-Hop veteran DJ Skitz. What’s most impressive about him is the track below Connect The SPDIF, which also features Jehst and Farma G. This fresh-faced rapper not only keeps up with these UK Hip-hop allstar favourites, but steals the show with his verse on the end. We’ve also thrown in a solo track off The Great Escape called Pure Gas. Big stuff is happening at the moment for underground UK Urban music.


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