New Artist: Liz Green

Label: Play It Again Sam
Genre: Speakeasy/Acoustic
Members: Liz Green
Based: Liverpool
Sounds Like: Devendra Banhart, Alela Diane, Billie Holiday
Links: Facebook, Website

The unique sounds of singer-songwriter Liz Green created a stir after winning Glastonbury Festival’s emerging talent competition all of five years ago, but it has certainly taken her time to perfect her debut album, O Devotion!, released only this month. It’s easy to tarnish Green with the same ‘Folk’ brush that is afforded so many other bands these days, but it would be doing her music a big diservice. Listening to O Devotion there is a much stronger connection to the past than her other folky counterparts: her voice is somewhere in between Alela Diane and the best Jazz, Cabaret and Blues singers of the interwar years, while the minimal accompaniment of drum brushes, brass, guitar and piano definitely harks back to a similar period. It is no surprise then that the album was recorded in Hackney’s vintage Toe Rag studios which has also hosted The White Stripes, Michael Kiwanuka and Josh T Pearson. Listen to two highlights from the album below, but be sure to explore the whole thing.

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