New Artist: The Drop

Label: Shoal Records
Genre: Dub/Reggae/Roots
Members: Dandelion, Ryan, Leon, Philly C, Joe, Chaz Won Don, Ed West Nation, Jason, Graham
Based: London
Sounds Like: Fat Freddy’s Drop, Backbeat Sound System, Laid Blak
Links: Soundcloud

Britain’s Reggae and Dub scenes are currently riding a wave of resurgence, and no outfit embodies its quality better than The Drop. There is good reason why the 9-piece have been praised to the skies by David Rodigan and DJ Derek, with Looking to the Sky and Takeover their own celebration of the genre. These days you can gauge a band’s potency by the number of remixes to its tracks, and the London-based band are no exception. Hailed by a host of edits that capitalise on the music’s dance potential, fusing the heady dub vibe with engrossing drum symphonies, the result is a truly immersive soundscape; DJ Rum’s Looking to the Sky remix is the best example. These tracks are just a little taste of big things to come from the emerging masters of authentic and resounding Reggae.

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