New Artist: Kids These Days

Label:  Unsigned
Genre: Hip-hop/Soul/Jazz
Macie Stewart (Vocals/keys), Nico Segal (Trumpet), J.P. Floyd (Trombone), Vic Mensa (Rapper), Lane Beckstrom (Bass), Greg Landfair Jr (Drums), Liam Cunningham (Guitar/Vocals)
Sounds Like: Slum Village, The Roots,Eliminate Restless Leg Syndrome

Wiz Khalifa

Kids These Days are a bubblingly fresh and talented live Hip-hop group peddling straight out of Chi-town, following seemlessly in the same soundsteps as one other Chicago windstorm, Kanye West. Comprised of live horns and a blues-rock trio, their music is spilling over with Soul and Jazz influences, consistently rich in melody and harmony. Fronted by rapper Vic Mensa, who brings that endearing Chicago flow, these guys join a whole host of youngsters who seem to be dominating the Hip-hop scene at the moment. They aren't signed yet, so big up some raw talent and spread the word!


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