New Release: Skittles – Dot2Dot

Label: Estate Recordings
Genre: UK Hip-hop/Grime
 Liam Kelly
 Manchester, UK
Sounds Like: 
 Bang On!Smasher,  Jay Electronica

Manchester MC Skittles appeared with a bang when he featured on Camo & Krooked’s release The Lesson that went viral last month. It has provided a strong platform for the solo release of Dot2Dot, which has a more modest production but is still too good to ignore. His lyrics of biting social commentary are delivered with pinpoint accuracy, but the self-proclaimed Mancunian Caesar (“footprint leaver, bit of a diva”) also brings a playfulness and sense of dark humour to the table. The self-produced beat harks back to children’s television theme songs and in the video, the jewel-encrusted Skittles ironically raps about Manchester’s poverty, violence and drug culture. Released on 7 November, Dot2Dot will star on Skittles’ soon-to-be-released debut album Poor in £100 Trainers. No surprises with the tongue-in-cheek tone of the title and it surely lays down a promise for more of the same from this exciting new talent.

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