Bristol Spotlight: The Bronze Medal

Label: East City Records
Genre: Folk-infused Indie harmonies 
Members: Chris Hillier (lead vocals, guitar, paino)Robin Southwell (vocals, guitar, piano),  Rory O’Gorman (drums, percussion, vocals) and Mike Barnett (bass, vocals)
Based: Bristol
Sounds Like: There Will Be Fireworks, Pushing Hands, Frightened Rabbit
Links: Facebook

It’s hard to come by guitar music I can really enjoy these days, but having spent the last week badly singing The Bronze Medal’s Milk to myself, I thought it about time to share the joy. Formed in 2009 after busking their way around Europe, their name is inspired by a song from Scottish melodists Idlewild. It’s left a lot to live up to, but judging by Milk, their first single released in June, they don’t have much to worry about. Their lead singer Chris Hillier describes it as a “slow-burning, finger-picked song about feeling isolated and questioning the direction your life is going in”. But if that’s hard to imagine then try soft, quivering, harmonised voices backed up by rolling drums and gentle guitars. It’s a well-balanced combination; the B-side After You Were Quiet sees more of the same. Keep it locked to The Bronze Medal.

Milk by The Bronze Medal

After You Were Quiet by The Bronze Medal

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