New Artist: Melodica, Melody and Me

Label: Everybody’s Stalking
Genre: Folk/Roots
Members: Huw Williams (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Anna Schmidt (Vocals/Melodica), Emilio Reyes (Kora/Charango/Melodica), Rudi Schmidt (Guitar/Kora), John Naldrett (Bass), Greta Ecacott (Drums)
Based: South London
Formed: 2010
Sounds Like: Johnny FlynnAugustus PabloAli Farka Toure

Following recent successful tours with Johnny Flynn and Bombay Bicylce Club, the future looks bright for Melodica, Melody and Me. To typecast their sound with their tour-hosts would be a mistake. One only has to look at the variety of instruments used (including the charango, kora and melodica) to realise this is no ordinary folk band, with influences extending far beyond the confines of their Brixton stomping ground. New single Come Outside is a well-crafted, uplifting summer gem with trademark harmonies from Huw and Anna, and Nick Pynn’s violin combining to reach out and wrap the listener in a warm embrace. It marks MMAM’s sound as more defined than earlier work; that said, don’t discard old material like Piece Me Back Together and Ode To A Mountain, both equally enchanting in their own right. Renowned for their ability to put on a knees-up to rival anyone, we highly recommend you see these guys at one of their upcoming shows, which include Lounge On The Farm and the Cambridge Folk Festival. Also, keep your ears to the ground for their debut LP set for release at the end of this summer.

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