Premiere: Primrose – You, Me & Everything To Me

Ever wondered what ‘Blade Runner Techno’ sounds like? The term was lovingly coined by London-based producer and DJ Primrose to describe his explorations into vibrant electronica, buoyant drums and celestial atmospheres.

Taking cues from film soundtracks, shoegaze and dream pop, as well as the vast realms of electronic music, the Morse party co-founder takes his first leap into the production and label world with his debut EP, Set My Heart On Fire, which inaugurates his new imprint Primrose County.

Our pick is opener ‘You, Me & Everything To Me’, the only beatless composition on the record. In contrast to the rest of the release, which has both eyes on the dance floor, this soaring cut will have you drifting away to a higher plane, carried by its twinkling arp melody and emotive pads.

Set My Heart On Fire is out now on Primrose County.

Stamp The Wax · Primrose – You, Me & Everything To Me (STW Premiere)

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