Premiere: D.Tiffany and Roza Terenzi – Spiritual Delusion

D.Tiffany and Roza Terenzi‘s ability to playfully traverse through retro-futuristic sounds feels effortless. As longtime friends and frequent collaborators they’ve harnessed a synergy that sees them seamlessly ebb and flow between trance-laden tunes and breaksy bangers, blurring the proverbial lines between genres enough to make you question their existence. 

With collaborative EPs on Oscillate, and their own respective labels – Step Ball Chain and Planet Euphorique, the pair are well-versed at combining their labyrinth of sounds into a unique cohesive tapestry, taking cues from trance, breakbeat, electro and progressive house to form a rich melting pot of twisted rhythms. 

For their debut album, Edge of Innocence, they head to Berlin’s Delicate Records. Glitchy noises, rumbling basslines, playful rhythms, and shuffling percussion punctuate the release, making it as dark and hypnotic as it is infectiously fun. The LP opens with our pick ‘Spiritual Delusion’: an ethereal and otherworldly introduction, engulfed in swirling vocals and celestial ambient tones that conjure feelings of serenity and tranquility.

Edge of Innocence will be released on 19th May via Delicate Records.

Stamp The Wax · D.Tiffany and Roza Terenzi – Spiritual Delusion (STW Premiere)

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