Premiere: Ultraflex – Secret Lover (DJ Sotofett’s Cosmic Lover Remix)

Towards the end of 2020 Norwegian-Icelandic duo Ultraflex introduced us to their fresh take on electronic boogie with their debut album Visions Of Ultraflex. A blend of funky bass lines, twinkling new age synths and soft, floaty vocals, there’s a breezy Balearic quality and direct nods to Italo Disco and the cosmic sounds of the 80s across the LP’s eight tracks.

A year and a half on, Ultraflex have called on the skills of two of Norway’s most revered underground producers to offer up their own interpretations of a handful of the originals. Telephones and DJ Sotofett need little introduction; between them they’ve notched up releases for the likes of Versatile Records, Running Back, Klasse Wrecks and Sotofett’s bevy of labels including Sex Tags Mania and SO-PHAT.

While Telephones takes care of the A-Side, Sotofett’s in charge of the flip with two tracks and our pick: a re-rub of ‘Secret Lover’. The cut is a slice of dubbed-out electro featuring gliding pads, revving synth lines and distorted vocoders, strung out in typical Sotofett fashion.

Telephones / DJ Sotofett Remixes are out now on Street Pulse.

Stamp The Wax · Ultraflex – Secret Lover (DJ Sotofett’s Cosmic Lover Remix) (STW Premiere)

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