Premiere: Knox – Crumbled

Ambient has long been Joshua Knox‘s musical forte. The London-based producer has been making meditative sounds for around 13 years now, formerly under the name Fossil Forest, releasing music on Celestial Tomes and Black Hymn Records, and more recently under his last name.

Over the course of lockdown he self-released several of these eponymous music projects, the majority of which ruminated on themes of isolation, self-reflection and discovery. Now he’s joining forces with Natural Positions for his next EP, Anechosis, a word which, according to author John Koenig’s Book of Obscure Sorrows, is the fear of only being told what you want to hear.

Described as an ‘exhibition into sound and shape’, the five tracks build on the ambient and drone soundscapes of his previous releases, adding rhythmic touches and echoes of breakbeat and dub techno to create a delicate and emotional body of work.

Anechosis will be released on 29th April via Natural Positions. As part of the release campaign, Knox has recorded a mix of peaceful ambient and downtempo.

Stamp The Wax · Knox – Crumble (STW Premiere)

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