Monday Morning Mixtape 392

Credit: Giovani Racca

Resist focus with electronic fusion via New Dehli and UK ambient to Algerian groove and Romani folk.

The third in a month-long takeover by residents of Edinburgh-based online community radio station EHFM; this week is curated by sound artist and producer/vocalist, Alliyah Enyo.
Alliyah describes her work as being “`”centred around embedding her emotional landscape into stories of mythology that resonate. These myths are transformed to empower and diversify feminine frequencies, creating live sets with deep emotional content.”
She also holds multiple DJ residencies across Edinburgh and is curating her own collaborative project this year with Hidden Door Festival.

In their own words: “Setting the tone for my creative practice each day requires music that inspires the connection between voice and body. This mix motivates me to meditate, move and make. Harnessing the diaspora of Romani folk music as a framework, I’ve curated Arabic, Jewish & Indian vocals, rounding off with Sudanese selections to soothe the soul.”

EHFM are an Edinburgh-based online community radio station, broadcasting from multi-arts venue Summerhall. They exist to provide a hub for the grassroots creative voices of Edinburgh, and to broadcast the vibrant sounds of the Scotland’s capital to the world.

Asiatronic – Solar Spirit
Somi – Holy Room
Uma Garg & Vandana Bajpai – He Meri Eju Kandha Gai Chhai Chali 
Dikanda – Szai Dzela
Liraz – Naz 
Lifafa – Jaago 
Marina Satti – YIATA POULI
Woo – Om Shanti
Aamina Camaari – Rag waa Nacab iyo Nasteexo (Men are Cruel and Kind) 
DJ Caress – Stories ft Shimon Adaf & Herzel – Shivro 
Cornershop – Double Digit
Cheikha Rimitti – DAOUNI
The Rajasthan Express  – Chala Vahi Des
Fairuz – Al Bostah
Esma Redzepova  – Ciganka Je Malena
Maasai – Maasai

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