Monday Morning Mixtape 390

Credit: mmartinsson

Take a moment with soft rock and guitar-centred jazz to 90s pop and ambient.

The first in a month-long takeover by residents of Edinburgh-based online community radio station EHFM; this week’s mix is curated by Sicily and Scotland-based DJ and selector, Andrea Montalto. A co-founder of EHFM, Andrea also runs club night and monthly show, Club Mediterraneo.

In his words “When I recorded the mix I imagined a Monday morning by the mediterranean sea. The mix features only Italian artist with a mix of ambient, dreamy soft rock, jazz, latin infused balearic rhythms.

Swing by Club Mediterraneo later this month on 15th at Broadcast in Glasgow and 16th at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh.

EHFM are an Edinburgh-based online community radio station, broadcasting from multi-arts venue Summerhall. They exist to provide a hub for the grassroots creative voices of Edinburgh, and to broadcast the vibrant sounds of the Scotland’s capital to the world.

Roberto Aglieri – Sogno di Mezzogiorno
Lucio Battisti – Abbraciala Abbracciali Abbracciati
Enzo Carella – Mare Sopra e Sotto
Alberto Radius – Che Cosa Sei
Marco Castello – Avò
Gianni Brezzo – The Awakening
Riccardo Giagni – Kaunis Ma
Gianluca Mosole – Tepore
Mario Venuti – Fortuna
Mario Persichetti – Vento Di Terra
Jamese Senese & Napoli Centrale – E’ ‘na bella jurnata
Pino Daniele – Sotto ‘o sole

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