Premiere: J. Caesar – Take To The Sky

Established in 2018 by Astral Black boss Jon Phonics and 404 Eros’ Bryces Brother, Scenic Route started out as a club night hosting the likes of anu, Benedek, OK Williams and Toni Yotzi. Soon after they extended the project to include a label arm with their first two releases, Desert Sound Colony’s Cartographer and Immersion from underground jazz collective Lunch Money Life receiving raucous critical appraise.

After a brief hiatus, the label return with a 16-track compilation, The Road Less Travelled Vol. 1, that celebrates those unique few artists brave enough to tread a path neither “defined by genre nor time”. By bringing together the label’s eclectic global community, the compilation acts as a sonic mission statement, outlining the future of the London-based label as a hub for artists who do not want to be pigeonholed or easily defined.

For today’s premiere Scenic Route brings us the laidback G funk-infused pop ballad ‘Take To The Sky’ from London-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist J. Caesar. Wobbling and infectious basslines, sultry groovy drums and atmospheric vocals transport us to an escapist alternate reality, equally Miami Vice and Vice City. It’s a perfect encapsulation of both the label’s hard-to-pin-down ethos and J. Caesar’s innovative yet classic take on R&B.

The Road Less Travelled will be released on 31st March via Scenic Route.

Stamp The Wax · J. Caesar – Take To The Sky (STW Premiere)

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