Premiere: Anna Wall feat. Binky – Alone Tonight

Anna Wall created Dream Theory as a space for contemplative ambient and experimental sounds, during a time where these kinds of meditative vibrations were needed most. Launched in lockdown, the label seeks to connect the conscious and subconscious mind, and showcases the other side of Anna’s tastes as a producer and DJ, in contrast to her club-focused pursuits through her other label The Bricks and her longstanding residency at Fabric.

After two releases, an inaugural VA and an EP from Anna and friend Josie Danielle under the alias 22, Anna takes charge for the third release, sharing a “personal, introspective” body of work in the form of her debut album. Written over a four year period, the record is imbued with feelings of nostalgia and hope, providing the listener with echoes of memories, places and spaces.

Using field recordings from her local environment as well as sounds captured on her travels to Ibiza and Portugal, Anna crafts ambient soundscapes with her analogue synthesizers, at times bringing pals on board to join the ride. In the case of today’s premiere that’s longtime friend, singer and songwriter Binky who adds wistful, emotive vocals on ‘Alone Tonight’, the first piece of music the pair made together.

Missing Moments is out on 25th March on Dream Theory.

Stamp The Wax · Anna Wall feat. Binky – Alone Tonight (STW Premiere)

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