Premiere: SONLIFE feat Izobel Risk – After the Dark

Hailing from East London British/Turkish producer SONLIFE is crafting contemporary trip-hop landscapes that blur the line beautifully between electronic and organic instrumentation. Formerly of the band Haraket, a name that translates to “movement” in Turkish, SONLIFE took a few years hiatus from music after the band disbanded. Now he’s returned with two back-to-back singles, ‘Recollect’ and ‘The First’, both of which effortlessly flaunt his Turkish heritage.

The First’s Mediterranean groovesswing meditatively over a serene vocal line and an ethereal saxophone that leads effortlessly into a climactic bop of a percussion. The subtle and sparse bass hits and piano chords only serve to add to the otherworldly tone this track sets. Recollect featuring Abi Hardi is a statement on what the orchestral Jazz music in SONLIFE’s world would sound like.

For today’s premiere, SONLIFE presents us with the self-directed video for his next single ‘After the Dark’: an intimate and spiritual affair with friend Izobel Risk (1/4th of enchanting choir-band WOOM) leading a deeply atmospheric prayer over SONLIFE’s intensely apocalyptic instrumental. The song is driven by a steady and infectious bass and a surreal, piercing saxophone that could easily soundtrack the fever dreams of a swelteringly hot post-industrial desert. 

Stamp The Wax · SONLIFE feat. Izzy Risk- After the Dark (STW Premiere)

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