Premiere: Mogwaa – Sin Chamba No Gana

Open Space, the joint effort of Goiz and Diggers Directory subject DJ Ray, is following up last year’s Club Tools compilation with a second volume. In DJ Ray’s own words, the label grew out of their own predilection for “certain 80s and 90s dance records with slower tempos, big drums, aggressive bass lines…” On this volume, they draw from a pool of like-minded friends: the low-profile Bong Soup, the increasingly daring Flørist, Queens’ own Will DiMaggio – who has been steeped in dancefloor obscura during his stint at Superior Elevation –  and Korean wunderkind Mogwaa.

Mogwaa’s discography is incredibly diverse, synthesizing strains of boogie-funk, 80s steppers, oddball digidub, italo, retro-futuristic electro, techno and house. ‘Sin Chamba No Gana’ is situated halfway between the latter two genres, owing a great debt to the tough and tracky dance records that form the label’s blueprint. The track is centred around a muscular bassline and tough drums, upon which Mogwaa begins constructing a frenetic atmosphere It’s almost like finding yourself in a bustling arcade, with echo tails that sounds like bowling balls careening into pins, and melodic pings that call to mind the tintinnabulation of pinball machine. 

Club Tools Volume 2 is forthcoming on Open Space.

Stamp The Wax · Mogwaa – Sin Chamba No Gana (STW Premiere)

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