Premiere: Şeytan Tüyü – Anita

It’s hard to pin down someone as productive as DJ soFa. He’s a serial collaborator: last year alone saw releases from CCCVVV, a 7” with Belgo-Congolese multi-instrumentalist Nyati Mayi, and a trio with Houschyar and legendary Turkish percussionist and Don Cherry alumnus Okay Temiz. With a forthcoming solo release on the ever-excellent Planet Trip – which released soFa’s work as part of Mameen 3 – soFa isn’t slowing down in the slightest. 

The pathologically curious and community-minded outlook that guides his collaborative work also informs the sprawling Elsewhere compilations. Having previously appeared on Crevette Records, Emotional Response, and Music For Dreams, the latest installment arrives via Kalahari Oyster Cult. It’s characteristically anarchic, eschewing any genre or national boundaries – a spirit that unites soFa’s endlessly diverse output as a producer and curator. 

A side project of Istanbul-based artist Houschyar, Şeytan Tüyü’s ‘Anita’ is an utterly bizarre synth-pop ditty, telling the unfortunate story of the titular Anita. Over a loping, off-kilter bassline and clap-happy drum programming, we’re regaled with a horrific tale of a girl gone wild, relayed in an irreverent and over-the-top manner. The singer’s faux-hysteria and the music’s synthetic sheen recalls the work of minimal synth weirdos like Vice Versa. Sequenced amongst all the other idiosyncratic and off-kilter music on here, it’s a perfect fit for soFa’s strange world-building.

Elsewhere XX will be released on Kalahari Oyster Cult on 25th February.

Stamp The Wax · Şeytan Tüyü – Anita (STW Premiere)

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