Monday Morning Mixtape 383

Credit: Alexander Rentsch

Nest in New Age jazz and Italian jazz scat to experimental ambient and Angolan funk.

This week is curated by 10-piece Afro-jazz-psychedelic rock outfit from Milan, Al Doum and the Faryds. Describing themselves as an open ensemble, the makeup of the group has changed over the years but has always kept the same musical connection. They now prepare to release their 5th album, Freaky People via Black Sweat Records.

In their own words “Absorbing music as nourishment for the different shapes of our soul. A morning selection for the lightful reality that is our life to breathe, travel, yawn, observe, wait. These sounds have been carried to you by Black Sweat Records, who released them during the last 10 years.”

The band release their latest Freaky People LP on 18th February 2022 via Black Sweat Records. Check out their latest video Universe pt 1.

Ariel Kalma – Harmony Om
Don Cherry – Flute Song
Greta Lindholm – Alone / Allone
Garrett List – Your Own Self pt.1
Zeit – Un Altro Occidente
Deuter – Singing Bell
JD Emmanuel – Sunrise On A Tibetan Hillside
Fusione – Track 3
Al Doum and the Faryds – Woodstock
Archie Shepp Meets Kahil El’Zabar’s Ritual Trio – Big Fred
Maistah Aphrica – Maistah Aphrica
Persona – Água
Ariel Kalma – Pagnifico

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