Premiere: Etbonz – Energizer Gaze (Old World Remix)

Near enough one year on from his debut release for Portland’s Bed Of Roses imprint, Elliot Thomas returns under his Etbonz guise for another dose of psychedelic nourishment. Known for releases on the sorely missed Bahnsteig 23 as well as Love On The Rocks and Doom Chakra, Etbonz ability to musically shape-shift through sounds and styles has become his calling card, that said there’s a hypnotic atmosphere that ties his releases together.

On Energizer Gaze this couldn’t be truer. From the shimmering ambient opus of opener ‘The Love of a Real Cat’, to the roaring breakbeat of the title track, which calls to mind The Prodigy, and the crunchy acid of ‘Future Science’, the EP cements Etbonz chameleonic tendencies. The three tracks come bolstered by remixes from Zombi co-founder Steve Moore and, further proving Portland’s reputation as a breeding ground for great music, the label have also called on two key figures from the city’s underground to add their touch to the originals: Grizz Thomas and Old World.

Energizer Gaze is out on 1st February via Bed Of Roses.

Stamp The Wax · Etbonz – Energizer Gaze (Old World Remix) (STW Premiere)

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