Self-Portrait: Martyn Bootyspoon

The legend of Bootyspoon sprung unto us freshly formed and horny as all hell in 2011. Coined after meeting fellow bootybass and ghetto tech lover Sinjin Hawke — which would become the inspiration behind Hawke’s track ‘The Ballad of Martyn Bootyspoon’ — the name perfectly captures Martyn’s sexual, fantastical image. Since then, the Montreal native, real name Jason Voltaire, has carved out a unique sounding space in the sweat soaked worlds of raw Ghetto House and experimental club sounds.

Inspired by the likes of DJ Assault, DJ Rashad and Prince, Martyn’s endlessly groovy production artfully straddles the line between seductive and mean, while his presence as an mc gives his tracks a righteously unserious disposition. The effect is raucous, it is impossible not to dance. His releases are a commanding statement on ghetto house which have Martyn showing effortlessly that, while the persona might be silly, the production is not.

For his Self-Portrait mix, he offers us a window into both his production and musical upbringing picking out some of his favourite material and collaborations and splicing them into a mix that is surgically crafted to make you shake. Enjoy the ride!

Let’s start with an ice breaker, what’s your earliest musical memory?

Lenny Kravitz.

Did you have a particularly musical upbringing?

Average musical upbringing. Parents played a lot of Motown, Haitian Music, Soca around the house / family gatherings. I wanted to play drums in high school originally but electric bass was also an option and easier to practice at home.

What led you into music production?

Mario Paint, and then years later my brother installed FL Studio on the family computer.

Are there any producers or artists who have inspired your production?

Too many to name to be honest but yes. Prince is usually the highest on the list for his synth work and fx-pedal work alone.

Are there any particular rituals you go through before you head into the studio?

Never, completely impulsive.

Do you come in with a destination in mind before starting a jam?

I am usually thinking about ‘Dance’ in the loosest sense it can be as a destination, no matter how unhinged whatever I make sounds.

Are you the type of producer to work on a track until it’s perfect, or are you more of an impulsive creator, happy with first takes and sketches?

50/50 lol

Can you talk us through how you might construct a track?

I literally sit down and journal the thought that is the music.

How much of your material is sample based and how much is original?

Samples and vocals are typically something I add, if anything, last. A fair 90% of what I’m making these days is sample free apart from percussion.

What’s the most important bits of kit that make an Martyn Bootyspoon track?

Honestly, just an iPhone and FL Studio would be sufficient.

This mix is comprised of 100% original Martyn Bootyspoon material. Could you tell us a bit about it? Any tracks that are particularly special to you?

About three of these were written with my collaborator Stephen in our Plumbing project imprint thing. I kinda love all of these tracks no matter how stripped / raw / WIP they are or not. They can all fit a set in some capacity, they’re all functional, they’re all musical.

Anything on the horizon for you? Any releases we should know about?

Incognitos Tabs I out this month, or already out depending when this mix is published. First self-released EP, go get it on my Bandcamp.

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