Premiere: Modula – Party Crime

Amsterdam-based label, shop and distributor Bordello A Parigi has long established itself as a trusty source for all things Italo. While their catalogue boasts reissues of a handful of 80s classics, it’s predominantly filled with the freshest contemporary takes on the genre, including releases from artists like The Hacker, Chinaski, Skatebård and Hysteric.

Next up, bringing a much-needed taste of summer during these cold winter months, is Filippo Colonna Romano under his Modula guise. Sounds from Montenuovo marks the Italian producer’s third release on the label, and once again sees him marry an array of influences, from Italo and disco to house, electro and Balearic. Taking us on a sun-kissed trip from golden sandy beaches to sparkling oceans, the seven-track release displays Modula’s knack for constructing vibrant and joyful sonics that whisk you away to warmer climes.

Sounds from Montenuovo is out 3rd December via Bordello A Parigi.

Stamp The Wax · Modula – Party Crime (STW Premiere)

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