Premiere: Powder – If I Could Get Out

The dancefloor is a destination for true self expression; an enticing refuge void of restraints and judgements, where we’re all unified by the rhythm of the same beat. A place where sweat is shed and moments become crystalised deep into our minds. It’s these profound moments that form the stories told on a new compilation from Swiss label Proxima.

If there is anyone who knows the power of a great dancefloor experience it’s Tokyo-based producer Powder. Her first trip to Berlin’s CockTail d’Amore left her so enamoured that she was compelled to produce an EP that captured this experience. Her contribution to Proxima’s Dancefloor Memories sees her sublimely translate this feeling once again.

‘If I Could Get Out’ shows Powder’s penchant for producing bewitching tracks that send you into a celebratory frenzy. Saturated in vibrant percussion and dizzying rhythms, its colourful and tropical character completely embodies the fun and freedom of the dancefloor.

Dancefloor Memories will be released on 14 December on Proxima.

Stamp The Wax · Powder – If I Could Get Out (STW Premiere)

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