Premiere: CCCVVV – Generationen

Strangelove’s triumphant foray into contemporary music continues on from the outernational dub of t-woc’s Pantangle with the debut of CCCVVV. The Belgian duo of classical harpist Clara Vellin and chameleonic producer soFa elsewhere (aka DJ Sofa) make for strange bedfellows, crafting an intimate, off-kilter pop record with an even-handed balance of warmth and weirdness. There are dazzling synth miniatures, Art of Noise-esque pop oddities, and a show-stealing cover: an icy, estranged version of ‘Some Velvet Morning’. 

‘Generationen’ follows ‘Some Velvet Morning’ in fine style. Dreamy and melancholic, the wistful singing and whistling is anchored by a deep bass pulse and the resonant, rubbery bassline that inches along underneath the drift. Flitting melodies pass by like glimpses of light across a slate-grey sky, buoying soFa’s vocals for a moment before returning to the sparse bass pulse – it’s a gorgeous, weightless pop song that evades easy comparison.

Curriculum Vitae will be released on Strangelove on 19th November.

Stamp The Wax · CCCVVV – Generationen (STW Premiere)

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