Premiere: Glimmerman – Oxygen Sum

Time seems to slow down when you’re in the glimmer. Whether it’s a plane in the night sky or a candle in a dark room, the glow of wavering lights never fails to catch our attention. On his new 12″, Dublin-based producer Glimmerman offers an equally captivating experience. Built on serpentine basslines, subbed-out dub and fractured drums, Step Mode teems of murky steppers and rough-edged swag. 

‘Oxygen Sum’, in particular, best captures the EP’s hypnotic quality. A slice of slo-mo jungle topped with broken beat, the record moves at a steady pace but its taut percussion packs enough zest to keep things interesting. Intermittent bleeps and bloops, meanwhile, add a space-age gloss that makes it ideal for both dancefloors and afterhours adventures. Like quick sand, Glimmerman’s spliced junglism locks you in without you even knowing it.

Step Mode is out now on First Second Label.

Stamp The Wax · Glimmerman – Oxygen Sum (STW Premiere)

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