Premiere: LHAS – What’s In A Name

The impact of Larry Heard on house music is indisputable. The emotion and warmth present in his infectious melodies became the foundation of what makes house music deep. This sonic blueprint continues to define the genre today, inspiring producers to reach for the same plains of musicality. The Larry Heard effect seems to have struck a particular chord though with Jaime Read.

With releases spanning over 20 years, Jaime Read’s admiration of golden era Chicago house and techno has seen his LHAS – Larry Heard Appreciation Society – moniker birth a catalogue of tracks sincerely sculpted in the image of its pioneer. Under this alias he borrows from a familiar sound palette to craft timeless homages with authenticity.

For the next LHAS EP he reaches to all corners of the Chicago sound. From atmospheric, glacial machine groovers to deep, disembodied vocal joints and a driving late night jam courtesy of Sterling Void & Marcus Mixx. ‘What’s In A Name’ goes full retro, with soothing synths and bright stabbing chords that ring with nostalgia. They’re punctuated by a wobbly bass line and lush percussions, making for a euphoric and playful venture into the deep. 

LHAS will be released soon via Push II Shove.

Stamp The Wax · LHAS – What’s In A Name (STW Premiere)

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