Monday Morning Mixtape 368

Credit: spablab

Fold into Manchester acoustic folk and new age dreamscape to LA ambient jazz and a restorative percussion mantra.

Today’s mix is curated by Contours the project of percussionist, producer and DJ Tom Burford whose sound explores the rhythms and sonic spaces that sit between jazz, house, broken-beat and percussive experimentation. The Manchester-based musician has released music with the likes of Rhythm Section, Far Out, Anma and Band On The Wall and is also a resident on NTS alongside Yadava, hosting their Expansions show.

In his own words “Given the nature of the series, I wanted this mix to reflect some of the music I enjoy listening to early in the morning and more generally that I feel I can relax or escape to. The mix takes in a lot of ambient, spiritual jazz, minimalist and fourth world stuff I’ve been digging, with the end leaning more heavily into jazz fusion, synth and boogie sounds. I’d say there was a pretty strong percussive focus throughout, with tuned percussion coming through as the clear instrumental winner!”

Listen to his most recent release via Band On The Wall Records and find him playing on the upcoming dates:
15th October – Nam (Manchester)
28th October – Brilliant Corners (London)
27th November – Royal Albert Hall with Tapp (London)
17th December – Soup Kitchen with Tom Houghton (Manchester)

KMRU – Time of Day
Carlos Nino & Miguel Attwood Ferguson – Part VI Into Eternity
Sand Overleaf & The Drones of Joy – In Search Of The Knot
Nap – Íntima 
Slow Attack Ensemble – Dance Four
Veranda Culture – Extremest Enflammable
Lionmilk & Mndsgn – Sun
Nala Sinephro – Live at Real World Studios
Clifford Jordan – John Coltrane
Contours Ft Abel Selacaoe & Callum Connell – Keld
Nyssa – Rienne 
Rudiger Oppermanns Harp Attack – Troubadix in Afrika
Marcos Resende & Index –  Nergal
Square Fauna – Union Shift
Contours – The Programme

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