Premiere: Sangre Voss – Mendl15

A regular face at London’s Co-Select parties with releases on Rhythm Section and Third Place, Sangre Voss is now bringing a melting pot of sounds to Al Zanders‘ A-Z Records. After the success of his aptly named leftfield club EP Dance Class, Sangre Voss drives further down the path of experimentation for Mendl15, where he blurs the lines between genres and styles. 

The six-track EP sees him mix slow, Balearic rhythms with elements of Detroit-style techno for a release that would feel just as right on re-christened dancefloors as it would on a long hazy day. The title track is bouncy and hypnotic; its ethereal chords and airy muffled vocals bringing a dystopian energy, while punchy kicks and shuffling hi-hats coerce you into a perpetual head nod.

Mendl15 is available now on vinyl and will be available on digital soon.

Stamp The Wax · Sangre Voss – Mendl15 (STW Premiere)

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