Premiere: Hassan Abou Alam – Cluttered

For London-based non-profit label Needs, vinyl has been a difficult subject for several years. The impact of the production process, from pressing to packaging and distribution, poses a huge environmental concern for the planet, and the consideration to become a digital only label seemed like the only feasible route.

Then label head Bobby. discovered Green Vinyl Records in Holland: the only pressing plant in the world producing 100% recyclable records, which uses 60% less energy cost compared to traditional vinyl production methods. After two years of conversations, Needs have partnered with Green Vinyl to release the first 100% recyclable record, Needs x Green Vinyl present The Future Of Vinyl, which marks a revolutionary step in vinyl history.

Featuring a line up of producers, both established and emerging, the compilation calls on the skills of Saoirse, Reptant, Sansibar, Pugilist, LUXE and Hassan Abou Alam, who deliver a wide range of sonics from techno and bass-heavy experiments to cosmic electro, acid and breaks-driven tech house.

Needs x Green Vinyl present The Future Of Vinyl will be released 24th September on Needs – Not For Profit.

Stamp The Wax · Hassan Abou Alam – Cluttered (STW Premiere)

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