Monday Morning Mixtape 365

Credit: 奧黛莉

Intermit with spiritual Tamil poetry and Cuban rumba to melancholic electronica and symphonic soundscapes.

This week is curated by Joe Muggs, DJ, promoter, renowned journalist and a principal voice in underground music, for over 25 years. Writing most commonly for the Guardian, you will also see his work in The TelegraphFACTMixmag, and The Wire. Muggs is also the author of the book Bass, Mids, Tops: An Oral History of Sound System Culture, documenting dance music in the UK.

In his words “In one sense doing this was very simple: as with any playlist, mix or DJ set “out”, it was a matter of bung a load of tracks I like at a given time in a bag / folder, then put them in an order that sounds good. But given the nature of my work that always brings out unexpected themes, thus with this mix quite a few of the tracks, in very different ways, are on the interface between jazz and folk. Otherwise, I just tried to keep it cosmic, vibey, melodic – you know, all the good stuff. This is pretty much as I’d play if I was DJing in a good bar – the Soft Music for Hard Times aesthetic as I like to call it”

For more Muggs find his ambient radio show on WWFM / read his newsletter with links for his Soft Music For Hard Times playlists, and of course, support the book!

Ganavya – Nido Del Aire
Daedelus – Viva Vida
Pentangle – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
Michelle Shocked – Stepping Out
Chico Hamilton – This Dream
Los Muñequitos De Matanzas – La Polémica
Kams – Beautiful Acid
The Shen – Untitled (Demo 9)
Larry Heard – Lunar Gases
Squarepusher – Midi Sans Frontieres (Avec Batterie)
Dungen – Det du tänker idag är du i morgon
Fox – Empty Promises feat. Lovescene
Sade – Love is Stronger Than Pride (Mad Professor Remix)
Craig Fortnam – Managed Decline On The Orford Ness

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