Premiere: Pink Shabab – You’re Still In Love

Methods of Mellow expand the horizontal focus of their vaunted mix series with a new cassette compilation, all drawn from past contributors . The tape reflects the diversity of influences and inspirations found in the previous mixes, from woozy pop songs to soft psych and blazing downtempo. The contributors are geographically diverse too, from international artists to musicians in neighbouring boroughs of London.

Pink Shabab’s ‘You’re Still In Love’ is a beautiful standout from the cassette’s coda. The South London-based bassist and producer draws from the same font of 80s influences – boogie, new wave, synthpop – that informed his 2019 debut Ema By The Sea. The combination of boogie-funk and ethereal pop is the uncanny combination that might’ve eventuated if Cocteau Twins were successfully signed by Prince. Based around an athletic bassline, his dreamy, pensive vocals are swaddled by mellifluous flute sounds and sweeping chords.

Greetings from Cloud Nine will be released on Methods of Mellow on 6th August.

Stamp The Wax · Pink Shabab – You’re Still In Love (STW Premiere)

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