Monday Morning Mixtape 360

Credit: .angels.

Fall back into guitar-led ambient and drone folk to dark electronic and soul-steeped rap.

This week is curated by Rainy Miller, producer, artist and label head of his recently launched label Fixed Abode, working from the North West of England.

In his own words “the mix is just a selection of ambient passages used to ease myself into the week ahead, it feels pessimistic at times, which is a perfect reflection, to me of the release of a weekend.”

Check out the stunning visuals on Rainy’s release ‘Yellowman’ from earlier this year.

Suzanne Kraft – Time, Being
Dean Blunt – Vigil
Ry Cooder – Houston in Two Seconds
Machinefabriek w Soccer Committee – Cristopher (for Suzanne)
Rat Heart – + 
Space Afrika ft. Rainy Miller – TWH A 
Soccer Committee – Hazy
Moseley – Violinz (Rainy Miller Ambient Mix)
Duckett – Who Am I?
A Silver Mt. Zion – 13 Angels Standing Guard ‘round The Side
Smerz – Max
Lisa Lotion – BbbMH
sSaliva ft. Palmistry – Provider
AAAA – Untitled
Triad God – BDG
Playboi Carti – Soul
Tim Hecker – In The Air III

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