Monday Morning Mixtape 359

Credit: Bill Green

Concede to London neo-classical and afro-latin dub to French sound poetry and fleeting jazz harp.

This week is curated by broadcaster, DJ & music journalist Tina Edwards. A longtime figure within London musical circles, as well as resident on Worldwide FM, Tina has very much earned her reputation as a respected selector. A creative of eclecticism, Tina’s work has seen her create platforms, report and share stages with artists across the world.

In her words “The sun definitely seeped into this one; I put together a mix that reflects a holiday-like morning. I rarely go down-tempo so this was pretty chill for me, but that’s how I relax anyway – listening to something that’s stimulating! Plenty of modern Jazz, some Chicago electronica, a little West LDN broken beat and a few caffeinated beats in here, too. “

Guohan – Respect 
Soma Soma – Branquinha (Delonte Rivers Remix)
João Selva – Cadê VocêLa Redada – Calla Boca
Saucy Lady – Calling Jupiter (Golden Bridge Remix)
Rebekah Reid – Streams
Rebecca Vasmant – Timings End
Zara McFarlane – State Of Mind (Alex Patchwork Remix)
Dampe – Flora Waves
Jas Kayser – Ku Variation
KOKOROKO – Baba Ayoola
Félicia Atkinson – Lush
Kaidi Tatham – An Insight To All Minds
Vanilla – Turn Me Loose 
Laurence Pike – Dance Of The Earth
Matters Unknown – Blind Spot
Amanda Whiting – Strut Your Stuff
Alfa Mist – Run OutsCarlos
Gabriel Niño – Pleasewakeupalittlefaster, please . . .

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