Premiere: Paula Tape & Volantis – Octava Dimension (Elias Mazian Remix)

The album artwork for Octava Dimension, a new collaborative 12-inch from Chilean producer Paula Tape and Italian maestro Volantis on Alzaya, features a tall set of stairs that connect two individuals. It’s a fitting visual for dance music’s communicative nature but it feels especially apt for Elias Mazian’s remix of the title track. 

A melodic house chugger with the stamina of a long-distance runner, this rendition has enough vigour to last several journeys up and down those stairs. The original, on the other hand, feels like a sprint despite its six-minute duration. It’s more of a high-energy cut laced with ‘80s funk and disco flavours with jacking beats, bumping synth bassline and sultry vocals that channel steamy dancefloor moments where the body takes charge.

While these passionate overtones are dialled down on Mazian’s watch, they don’t disappear entirely. Rather, the Amsterdam-based artist simply slows things down. By gently introducing listeners to a simmering heat instead of throwing us into the fiery depths of driving electro, he’s preparing us for a trans-continental odyssey into the night.

Octava Dimension is out now on Alzaya.

Stamp The Wax · Paula Tape & Volantis – Octava Dimension (Elias Mazian Remix) (STW Premiere)

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