Premiere: Michal Turtle & Suso Saiz – Buenovintra Beckons

‘Buenovintra Beckons’ forms the opening part of Static Journeys, the album concept of fellow Music From Memory alumni Michal Turtle and Suzo Saiz, where the ‘memories, journeys and textures of half a dozen cities’ are ‘borne only of their imagination’. Recorded in 2019 over two sessions, the album provides an ambient respite from the year just past, allowing listeners to venture further than current travel restrictions allow.

The opening track evokes breezy, shimmering qualities through twinkling synth and distant, warm, reverberated guitars in its near eleven-minute run. Metronomic drumming provides a steady foundation as the track crescendos toward a euphoric, nirvana-like wall of sound.

The music’s ‘welcoming undulations’ summon memories of our own exploration in far off and friendly places, which are soon to be a reality once more. But, in the meantime, Turtle and Saiz are both on hand to allow you to drift away on behalf of their imaginations. 

Static Journeys is out now on Planisphere Editorial.

Stamp The Wax · Michal Turtle & Suzo Saiz – Buenovintra Beckons (STW Premiere)

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