Premiere: Makèz feat. Allysha Joy – Looking Up

It’s no surprise that collaboration comes naturally to Jan-Willem Mulder and Kees Van’t Klooster, better known as Makèz, the Dutch electronic duo who first started making music together in their teens. On their debut album ‘City of All’, released on Dam Swindle’s Heist Recordings, they enlist a bunch of friends to contribute, from fellow Dutch duo Fouk to DJ and musician LYMA and Australian artist Allysha Joy.

The latter’s feature comes half way through City Of All on ‘Looking Up’, and provides a moment of breezy mellowness without losing any of the balearic funk aesthetic which pulses through the record. Clubs reopened in the Netherlands last week and we’re not long behind them, so get ready to hear this at a day party near you soon. Fingers crossed we’ll be dancing in the sunshine — if Allysha Joy’s luscious vocals can’t bring the sun out, there’s nothing that will.

City Of All will be released on 16th July via Heist Recordings.

Stamp The Wax · Makèz feat Allysha Joy – Looking Up (STW Premiere)

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