Monday Morning Mixtape 357

Credit: Scott Wylie

Rest in devotional sufi and experimental soundscapes to electronic avant-garde and 2021 London bass.

This week is curated by British-Nigerian composer, musician and producer Nwando Ebizie who’s influences span from pop and electronic to Afro-diasporic ritual music, culminating in music and live art to multi-sensory installations”

Nwando’s latest single I seduce is out on Matthew Herberts Accidental Records and she also has an upcoming sonic installation at The Hepworth Museum Wakefield, opening on 21st August.

In her words “A sonic feast taking you from bagpipes and violins on the Cornish cliffs to nu South African Jazz to Sufi Devotional music. I was led by the particular feeling around me – my dreams, tactile sensations, the strange sonic idiosyncrasies that link a young trombone player in Yorkshire with a famed Pakistani qawwali singer. I also wanted to showcase some of the amazing artists I know who are creating leftfield non-genre music, driven by pure passion like LV, Emanative, and Ola Szmidt. 

Some amazing exclusives including from my neighbour Lone Taxidermist, Bhattsanders (a bagpipe/drum duo), Rosie Turton (part of the London nu jazz scene), and my new song ‘Something Like Empathy (Visual Snow) which recently featured in a 360 art film commissioned by The Space and will come out on my new album on Accidental Records.”

Edd Sanders – Harry’s Ballad
Nwando Ebizie – Something Like Empathy (Visual Snow)
Christopher Nicholas Bangs – Anonymous Sex 
LV and Joshua Idehen – Save Me
Emanative and Liz Elensky – Lost My Way feat DJ Khaleb
Nursat Fateh Ali Khan – Allah Ho Allah Ho (Live at Womad 1985)
Sophie Cooper – Intact
Rosie Turton – The Unknown (rework)
Bhattsanders – Dolphins in the Temple
Asher Gameze – Siyabulela
Ola Szmidt – C Tactile Afferent
Lone Taxidermist – eh!
Michael Brailey – waters of love
Lady Vendredi – Neon Dream Reverie
Lady Vendredi – Ifunanya

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