Premiere: Jerome Thomas – Sauce

Hackney born Jerome Thomas has a voice smoother than velvet. On ‘Sauce’, the third single from his new EP That Secret Sauce he puts it to good use, reaching high notes with an effortlessness reminiscent of soul greats like Al Green or Marvin Gaye. Underneath this sense of ease is a deeper struggle: Thomas has a stutter, and yet he is able to sing without one, meaning for him, music is an unparalleled tool for self-expression.

‘Sauce’ is an undeniably sexy track, which borrows as much from smooth r&b and neo soul greats like D’Angelo and Badu as it does from Green or Gaye, and reflects the mood of That Secret Sauce as a whole. The EP, which is released today and marks his debut outing on the much loved Peckham-based label and club night Rhythm Section International, is an exploration of love and intimacy, tracking a relationship from its first flutter, to after its conclusion.

That Secret Sauce is out now on Rhythm Section.

Stamp The Wax · Jerome Thomas – Sauce (STW Premiere)

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