Premiere: Nutcase & Papachubba feat Petah – Floating Inside

On their 1997 EP Flex, Australian drum and bass duo Nutcase & Papachubba combine liquid flavours, minimal arrangements and rave-ready jungle to create a forceful ride that manages to experiment, sustain a groove and still keep the pressure up. After lying dormant as an underground favourite for years, the 12-inch is now finally getting its well-deserved spotlight. Five of the eight tracks on Flex will be pressed on vinyl for the first time as part of a reissue courtesy of Melbourne’s Best Effort Records.

Opening the reissue EP is ‘Floating Inside (featuring Petah)’, four-and-a-half minutes of atmospheric jungle that echoes the cinematic qualities of Goldie’s Timeless. Featuring hints of trip-hop, downtempo and yearning vocals, these silky sounds balance out hypervelocity breaks and staggered tempos while deep sub-bass adds a bittersweet feel. Petah’s wistful lyrics shape the track’s emotional narrative, seamlessly blending into the background like fluid lines on canvas. Her ghostly voice returns at the EP’s conclusion as part of the harder and faster ‘Falling Inside’ but it feels more complimentary amid the moody texture of ‘Floating Inside’. Showing off jungle’s potency while drawing you closer to yourself, this record captures a slice of ’90s jungle at its most impactful.

Flex will be released on 20th July via Best Effort.

Stamp The Wax · Nutcase & Papachubba – Floating Inside (STW Premiere)

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