Premiere: Slacker – Deep In The Forest, A Sacred Pool

“What would an outside observer to our planet think when looking down at this moment in time?” This is the question Pseudonym Records co-founder Sam Black AKA Slacker ponders on his debut LP What Would I Do With Saturn. Written in isolation during the first lockdown, the 12 tracks expertly straddle feelings of escapism and reality, stimulated by the push and pull that came with Sam being surrounded by nature, yet far away from civilisation.

These themes manifest in the contrasts between the tracks; you’ll find frenetic beats and off kilter DnB sitting next to introspective ambient and blissed-out electronica. One of the more immersive, cleansing moments on the LP, opening track ‘Deep In The Forest, A Sacred Pool’ lowers you into a sound bath of luminous chords and dreamy pads all cocooned in a smog of soft reverb that helps you to forget the world around you for just a moment.

What Would I Do Without Saturn will be released on 2nd July on Lobster Theremin.

Stamp The Wax · Slacker – Deep In The Forest, A Sacred Pool (STW Premiere)

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