Premiere: Aural – Desire (Fabrice 4 a.m Mix)

By the tail-end of the 80s, House music’s reach extended far beyond Chicago and was becoming a global phenomenon. As the music filtered through clubs and raves, producers across Europe imprinted the house blueprint with some local colour.

In Italy, a slew of magical house records began appearing on labels like D.F.C. A number of names reappeared across labels, remixing and contributing to the unmistakable “dream house” sound of this era. Some like ‘Sueno Latino’ were bonafide hits, reaching the singles charts both domestically and abroad, others resonated more locally, or saw rediscovery by shrewd DJs in the decades afterwards. Rebirth Records compiles Ciao Italia : Generazioni Underground, a double-disc set spanning the dreamy and progressive underground of 90s Italy, drawing from prolific producers such as Leo Anibaldi, Massimo Berardi, Davide Rizzatti and Fabrizio Lazzari.

The latter two producers contribute one of the compilation’s standouts, ‘Desire (4 a.m Mix)’; Davide under the guise of Aural and Fabrizio as Fabrice, who’s tasked with the remix. It captures the cosmic consciousness of the era with its aqueous pads and coruscating chords, propelled forward by a pulsating bassline and overlaid percussion loops. The 4 A.M atmosphere of the title is evoked perfectly as the percussive workout simmers down and the sunrise chords of the outro unfurl out into the dawn. 

Ciao Italia: Generazioni Underground will be released on Rebirth Records on 9th July.

Stamp The Wax · Aural – Desire (Fabrice 4 a.m Mix) (STW Premiere)

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