(Extended Mix): Cromby

Berlin-based DJ and producer Cromby knows a thing or two about extended sets. First honing his skills at Belfast’s Shine over a six-year residency, his far reaching tastes that touch on all corners of the electronic spectrum, have since handed him the controls for several notorious closing sets at Panorama Bar; two of which kept the club open past midday on Monday.

But Cromby’s not only made a splash behind the decks—in the club and through his radio residencies on Hör and Refuge Worldwide—his productions have been tapped by a host of revered labels including Feel My Bicep, Unknown To The Unknown and Rekids, as well as self-inaugurating his recently launched Potency imprint and penning a future release for Phantasy this summer.

For his (Extended Mix), in signature fashion he shifts effortlessly through moods and motions, floating from blissed out ambient through to sludgy rhythms, Belgian trance and pumping techno and house cuts.

(Extended Mix) is a new charitable series that celebrates all-night specialists and more simple, carbon-friendly lineups. Instead of paying on the door for this extended experience, we invite listeners to donate to the DJ directly while their gigs are cancelled, or to a chosen charity. For this one Cromby has chosen to highlight Alzheimer’s Society, a UK charity close to his heart that care and research for people with dementia and their carers.

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First off, how have you been finding lockdown? What has been the biggest challenge and more positive outcome you’ve experienced through extended time at home? 

Obviously, it’s a shite situation, with plenty of hurdles and obstacles that we’ve have thrown at us. But I’ve found some solace in making a lot of music, which I’m excited to share.

Thanks for recording an extended mix for us. How did you find the recording process?

My pleasure, yeah I enjoyed it. Obviously, it’s tougher with a longer set when you don’t have the crowd to vibe off, but I tried to picture that to keep me going.

How did you approach the mix? Did you have an idea in mind beforehand? Was there much pre-planning or did you just trust your instincts?

I approached it a little like I would any long set, I organise my music in moods so I can shift between those throughout the night to keep it engaging with the crowd. Once that was done, I just went for it and treated it like a gig. I think it turned out to be quite a nice journey.

Could you talk us through a couple standouts from set?

I always love an opportunity to get away with playing Global Communication 14.31. I have a few upcoming releases from me in there too. And of course, one of my favourite tunes ever in Radioactive Man – Uranium.

Where’s been your favourite place to play an all-night set, and why?

It’s not quite an all-night set as there is no warmup, but I love playing the close in Panorama Bar, which can go between 8-12 hours and you can take it anywhere you like. I’ve got goosebumps just thinking back to it. I can’t wait for magical mornings like those to return when the clubs open.

Who are some of your favourite all-night specialists, and why? 

It can’t be bad to think of a Villalobos and Craig Richards all-nighter. They’re always mind-boggling. Those two were the last all-night-long set I saw here in Berlin at Else. I haven’t had too many to choose from of late for obvious reasons, so I’m going with that.

By celebrating DJs with a penchant for all-night sets, the (Extended Mix) series hopes to encourage a more stripped back, carbon-friendly approach to lineup curation. Reducing our footprint as a globalised underground community is a massive challenge as we try to rebuild the scene after Covid-19 lockdown, and we hope progression can be forged through sharing our challenges and experiences. Are there any thoughts you’d like to add to the discussion?

I definitely support stripped back line-ups, longer sets and more residents. Get the train if possible. Everyone needs to do their bit.

Tell us a bit more about your chosen charity – what work do they do and why is it so important to you? 

I chose Alzheimer’s Society as it’s something very close to my heart. They campaign for change, fund research and work to find a cure and support people living with dementia.

We now premiere all our mixes a week early on Mixcloud Select. Subscribe to our channel to listen first, download the mixes, and ensure that the artists included in each one gets paid.

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